COMODO Firewall with AVAST Anti-Virus

Hey guys , since AVAST too have a Sandbox mode thing and the Comodo Firewall have the Defense+ and Sandbox modes , will AVAST Anti Virus crash with COMODO Firewall ? ?

You should be fine running Comodo Firewall alongside Avast. However, I would recommend disabling Avast’s sandbox. There would probably be conflicts there.

Avast’s sandbox will only sandbox a file if its heuristics find it to be suspicious. Comodo will sandbox all files that are not already certified by Comodo to be safe. Thus you are protected from all types of malware with Comodo.

Please let us know if you have any more questions.


I used this combo many times without any special adjustments for both parts, as some guys do it, and it never crashed. Perhaps, this is the most stable combo of all other combos Comodo Firewall + other AV.

O i c, tks for the replies guys