Comodo Firewall vs Windows Firewall

I have installed Comodo Internet Security Premium (CIS) including the firewall.

Why do I still get the request to allow or deny access in the Windows Firewall when starting a new application with Internet access?

Do I need two firewalls or why is the Windows Firewall not disabled?

I do not understand this…

you not need two firewall (comodo firewall is more efficient);
You can active windows firewall and comodo firewall, if think necessary; :-TU

The Windows Firewall Service is left running as that is required by Windows itself

You turn off the Firewall for your Network(s) through Control Panel as shown

Thank you for the information.

I am only interested in why Comodo does not do this automatically during the installation or why it does not ask if you want to disable the windows firewall.

Is this a BUG or a FEATURE?

I think there is no need to turn off Windows FW (in Windows 10 at least), because it seems like Comodo FW does it (or Windows does it itself).

In Windows Security - Firewall&Network protection: when you click on any network (private, public, domain)- you will get a message in pretty down there:

Microsoft Defender Firewall
Microsoft Defender Firewall is not active, because you’re using other providers.


Apparently, 3rd party providers such as Comodo, aren’t now officially allowed to turn off the Windows Firewall during installation. It has to be done manually

A fresh install invariably requires this, although uninstalling through Control Panel and then re-installing, usually doesn’t require this extra step