Comodo Firewall vs Lavasoft firewall

I have been using the Lavasoft firewall for the past 190 days,specifically because it offers me the entertainment mode(gaming and so forth).
I have been looking at the new comodo firewall and it looks interesting and effective.
Just would like a fair comparison between Comodo firewall and Lavasoft firewall


As a matter of fact Lavasoft firewall is “lite” version of Agnitum Outpost Firewall…

So how would you compare Comodo and lavasoft’s firewalls

Comodo Lavasoft

Powerfull Less powerfull (leaks)
much annoying pop-ups just annoying pop-ups
on-demand scanner included in paymend included
free support paid support
Total free again , pay pay pay pay

End story : Comodo is the most powerfull and protecting firewall there is on this planet, it comes with some annoying pop-ups BUT they’re limited now.
Lavasoft is a light version of Agnitum firewall gives you a fake feeling of security and you even pay for it.

Hope this was a “fair” comparement ;D

EDIT : well … almost everything :slight_smile:

Yea,fair enough.
Not sure how powerful Comodo or Lavasoft are,but you see.The main reason I chose Lavasoft is because of its entertainement mode.You see,I play lots of games(Eve Online,Dungeon Runners and so forth).Before I got Lavasoft,I was using Comodo,but I found out that Comodo is not allowing games and it was too much work to modify and allow games. Lavasoft system is perfect.It detects the games and it asks whether to allow entertainement mode or not.Entertainement mode continues to protect,while not blocking any game communication.
If Comodo could have such a system…

Vettech has pointed out that for gaming mode just put the firewall in training mode… thats it…


yea,but why not just create a system similar to Lavasoft.A system that automatically detects the games and switches automatically to “training” mode or to an entertainement mode?
Why make it complicate and have the user think about doing it?
From reading your previous posts Melih,I understand that for you users opinion is very important.
Well,if you do something similar to lavasoft ASAP,if Comodo is as powerful as people are saying, then you hit two goals with one shot:

-you provide gamers an easier alternative to Lavasoft or to the Zone one
-by its easy to use and such,you would then attract more gamers/users

pls add it to the wishlist, explain how you want it to work exactly and we will schedule it.

Please add that feature ASAP

Comodo = $00000000000 for life

Lavasoft =$29.95 for 1 year.

End of story. All you need is training mode for that 1 session of gameplay for that 1 game. Its not rocket science. Once the game is learned then no more switching needed. I certainly find it more cost effective to move a slider to train then spend $30 on an inferior product.

comodo is better