Comodo Firewall Version 3

Right this is a noob question but somebody has to ask them right?
Right as I have read it’s best to get rid of the old firewall (version 2) before downloading the new one. Which is fine but right first you get rid of the old one fine but hay do you get version 3 without connecting to the internet not unless when you click upgrade or do to the website the downloader is saved on the desktop

Hello patrice58

It is best if you download version 3 from the website before uninstalling your version 2.


Wont that lead to conflits between new and old?

Not if you just download it to your desktop and don’t run it until version 2 is uninstalled.


lol of course thanks right since I have CAV as a on demand scanner I will turn off hips in that as sense the firewall has hips there is no point having both running at the time