comodo Firewall version - unblock thunderbird portable

I use comodo firewall, win xp pro SP2 and Thunderbird 2.0.021(20090302) portable. I can receive emails but I cannot send out emails. the following are the settings;

Income server:
POP3: poert 995
this server requires an SSL-secured connection SSL

Outgoing Server:
port 25
this server requires an SSl secured connection SSl

I also use the same settings for Outlook XP and it works fine but for Thunderbird Portable I can receive emails but I cannot send them. I was on the chat with the portable apps tech and he stated to try Comodo Firewall tech because he says the problem is the firewall that is blocking it.
please help, I need to send my emails.
thanks Grail

A quick temporary fix is to disable the Firewall for the time it takes to send the mails. Click right on the CIS icon in the system tray → Firewall Security Level → now set to disable. Send mail and put the Firewall back in the previous mode.

Try making Thunderbird a trusted application. Go to Advanced → Network Security Policy → Application Rules and adjust the rule.

On a side note. You are mentioning Thunderbird Portable. Do you run this from a USB stick?

He is not use CIS. He is using plain old Comodo firewall.

I saw that but was too lazy to redo the typing…

I am not running from a USB stick. It is installed on my Harddrive. I use Portable software because it uses very little harddrive space, as my hard drive is only 40 Gig.

I have placed thunderbird in “My Save Files” and have allowed access to everything. But still I cannot send.

I use Bell They do not provide support for Mozilla products on Microsoft. the message that I get is:

Sending message failed. The message cold not be sent because connecting to SMTP server failed. the serve may be unavailable or is refusing SMTP connections. Please verify that your server SMTP setting is correct and try again.

these settings are the one used for Outlook and they work. I have tired to temporarily disable the comodo firewall, and the above message came up. I also notice that when I tried to get my mail it came me message: server timed out. Yet I was able to get my mail via outlook 2002. I also use Avast antivirus.

I really would like to make thunderbird work. any ideas.

Since disabling the firewall does not work we have to look elsewhere. I am not familiar with Avast but I think it may be related to it. Make sure all components of Avast are set to Trusted in the Firewall Application rules. Does that help?

When that doesn’t help set all Avast components to Trusted in D+ as well.

I have all Avast in My Protect files folder. Do you know, what port I should have to receive mail for TLS.

I have 587 TLS to send which for the moment I can still send emails. but i am not sure for incoming server what port to put 465, 110, 995 TLS.

What do you mean with TLS?