Comodo Firewall Version BETA Released

Today we are adding BETA setups of three new languages, namely (French, Hungarian and Portuguese (Brazilian)), previous languages beta setups are also updated :

1)Portuguese (Brazilian) : 1.25 MB) : 9.71 MB)

2)French : 1.29 MB) : 10.2 MB)

3)Hungarian : 1.28 MB) : 10.2 MB)

4)Chinese (Simplified) : 1.25 MB) : 10.1 MB)

5)Chinese (Traditional) : 1.26 MB) : 10.1 MB)

6)Russian : 1.32 MB) : 10.0 MB)

In addition to that our usual English alone setup is also available: : 9.46 MB)

Issues Fixed:

  1. At times Comodo Firewall was showing alerts for even safe applications.

Updated Non-English languages BETA Release Roadmap:

28-Nov-06 : French and Hungarian
30-Nov-06 : Portuguese (Brazilian)
05-Dec-06 : Spanish (LA) and Portuguese (Continental)
07-Dec-06 : Spanish (España)
12-Dec-06 : Dutch
14-Dec-06 : Swedish
19-Dec-06 : Turkish

Please uninstall previous 2.4.* BETA version and install afresh to test.

Thanking all the translators for all their support. We are continuously trying to update previous setups for reported issues. So still there can be places where text may appear as chopped off.


Snap1: you only linked from “jen”, please, link the whole word.
Snap2: no IP address, bug???
Snap3: i (everyone?) need more space.
Snap4: not translated expression.
Snap6: not translated expression.
Snap7: not translated expression.
Snap9: not translated expression.
Snap10: “Internet Access” not translated.
Snap11: not translated expressions. As i know, “Show Libraries…” should be translated.
Snap13: i need more space.
Snap14: “Unknown” not translated.
Snap16: i need more space.
Snap18: not translated expression.
Snap19: i need more space.
Snap20: i need more space(?).

What about the help files?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thanks for review Arkanyal,
We wanted to make sure that all snaps are ok first, so that we can incorporate them in help and we don’t have to redo those snaps. Now as you have reviewed it, in next release we will add Help also with this.
At places English text appears, the reason is we have lately added around 21 new strings which are yet to be given for translation. We will place updated files for translation today and let you know.

At places as you have mentioned text is chopped off, we will take care in next update.

Thanks for all the efforts.

After second restart cmdagent.exe got 100% CPU.

I logged off and then I logged on and it calmed down.

Just got 100% CPU again for 3 min, I had to log off.

From the latest stable version CFW does not remember the spd.exe of cfosspeed 3.12. Even if I select “skip parent”,“allow invisible connection attemps” and “skip advanced security checks”, it ask over and over again. >:(

Although I can live with it, I’d prefer to see it fixed.

I guess CFOS got some secrets how it can handle ADSL connections to make them faster. I wonder if you haven tried something with fragments or MTU settings.


I am locking this topic and all other earlier beta topics because there is a newer version available, if you are having any issues, I recommend testing out the latest beta version to see if your issue has been resolved.