Comodo Firewall v5.0 (free) compatible with KIS 2011 software?

Request feedback on the following:

I have Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 installed on a Win7 OS on a C2D notebook.
My key question is:
Do i require Comodo Firewall version 5.0 (free software) as an additional install security feature, or will the KIS 2011 security bundle suffice?
If i do proceed to install Comodo, would i need to disable/ remove KIS Firewall, due to potential conflicts, i suspect running 2 Firewall software will be a drain and ‘double bubble’ and possibly cause conflict between the 2 products or whether it’s deemed overkill.

Suspect, theres anyone out there, that has this setup running, and am keen to understand if there are any quirks or
exceptions and experiences to be aware of.

Thanks in advance.

You should never run two FWs together neither two AVs: it’s a recipe for disaster (especially two FWs).
If you decide to run CIS uninstall Kaspersky (to disable it is not enough).
The best way to uninstall it (or any other program) is to use Revo Uninstaller - Free download and software reviews - CNET Download (make sure to read the instructions carefully). And don’t forget to reboot twice after uninstallation (as with all FWs).

Suspect, theres anyone out there, that has this setup running
Yes, some imbeciles; and then they ask what went wrong. After all they were "double protected".

Double Trouble is more like it.