Comodo Firewall v3

Version three of your firewall annoys me in a way. I love it yet I hate it. I love teh fact that its pretty much teh first firewall that supports the x64 community along with Vista and I love the fact that its not as resource intensive as ZA (which I no longer use). However I have a gripe. For the longest time, I was anxious to get my hands on teh final version of Comodo Firewall 3 and it disappointed me. When ever I go to install ANYTHING, whether it be an application or a game, whatever; every file that is copied over I get an annoying pop up message asking if its okay to pass through onto my system. Version 2.4 was never like this. If a new application was detected running, it asked you whether or not you wanted to allow or deny the application and if you told it to allow, that would be the only pop up you would see pertaining to that application. That is not the case with version 3. The only thing I can really compare version 3 of your firewall to is to that of Vista’s UAC manager.

If at all possible, fix the issue with the constant nagging of wanting to allow something through. I know that is the intended use of a firewall but ■■■■.

(:WAV) hi Crash,
it’s Defense+ (HIPS) part of CFP3 that generates pop up message, ofcourse you won’t see it on V2 coz V2 got no HIPS. you can disable V3’s Defense+ but it’s not recommended.
about the pop up, whenever you install something new, you can tick :
treat this application as ==> installer/updater
on the first pop up message, you won’t see more allow/block message after that.
or, on CFP3 summary/proactive defense box ==>switch to installation mode

i want to show you some screen shot, but my faststone trial period has expired (:TNG)