Comodo Firewall V3 - An Amazing Success Story!

Thank you to all of you for making V3 a success that it is today!


Thanks to you and all COMODO staff.
I hope CAVS v3 will be a success too :smiley:

Thank you and congrats. :slight_smile:

Congratulations for the 230,000 weekly CPF’s download score, keep going on, thanks for the chance to send you our feedbacks, and thanks to all the guys from the staff and development team


(B) (R) (V) :■■■■

Thanks Melih and Comodo for developing the best, I also hope CAVS 3 will be successful!


MANY THANKS Melih to you and everone at Comodo(including forum members). Keep up the good work. Without you all I’d be lost. Bring on CAVS3. Yamo. (:CLP)

Thanks to you Melih and to all your team.
I hope the success story of legendary Comodo Firewall will continue.
(B) (L)

Today I use Avast + Comodo Firewall 3 (with Defense+) + BOClean combo.
I’m only waiting for replace Avast with Comodo Antivirus.
Good work, thanks to all Comodo team!


I put my trust in Comodo V3, well done gang. (R)

Lots of congratulating here but I feel I must point out that non experts find it so difficult to use the Comodo Firewall that they just give up.

When the leakproof basic firewall becomes a reality with your next update release, will current users be given notice of the new “option.” For most of us we are probably used to the tradeoff between “nuisance” and added security from Defense+, and would not make much change if we could. However, some may prefer the new option. AND especially those who have shut off Defense+ entirely really need to consider adding back some features.

Second question. Can you consider giving users a checklist of featuers of Defense+ with a sort of “cost-benefit” nuisance rating for each. For example, which features result in a high number of alerts but they tail off fairly quickly? Which features require sophistication to deal with? Which features are “noisy” but critical and which would a novice be able to best dispense with if it was just too overwhelming?

As I understand it the eagerly awaited TC feature will include all this and more, but I am betting there is a large cohort of potential user who want a Basic++ configuration and your move to a have Basic, Basic+(leakproof), and Defense+ could use an intermediate version.

Must be tough for a developer to create a product with MORE functionality and MORE alerts to warn users and find people saying “I didn’t really want to know…”

Absolutely right - the same sort of problem exixts for most (if not all) service industries.

As I mentioned in other posts, stage 1 of V3 development was about creating the most secure platform to secure you the users.

now Stage 2 is in full swing! And in stage 2 we are going to make it even more usable!

V3 is designed to prevent any malware for you period! If you use defense+ malware is pretty much a history! Of course, we will make it easier as we go along, but we had to create the platform that prevents malware first! Look, at the end of the day, we could give you something that doesn’t ask question and that doesn’t protect much, but we aint’ going to put you into false sense of security, period! Even if it means, you have to suffer a bit! We just can’t knowingly give you something that doesn’t protect you! The reality is there are many (MANY) threats and the security software MUST intercept and watch many things, as it intercept those important events (as if it didn’t it could be letting malware in) it might require user intervention. We can stop intercepting those events, and you wouldn’t be protected from malware that use those events. WE SIMPLY CAN’T DO THAT!!!

Like I said, we are making it easier to use in stage 2! Also, we are pretty confident that the protection we offer is the most usable protection available today paid or free! Of course “Nothing is Perfect, hence everything can be improved”. We are launching TC and many other features so that not only are you going to be protected at max protection possible, but you won’t even notice it!

btw: If you have v3 in clean pc mode and training mode, it will be very quiet as it is today.

thank you for all your support


The German philosopher Nietzsche is reported to have said:“If there were four paths, I would take the fifth.” I have just read your reasons for releasing COMODO products for free. It’s great to see somebody having the confidence to break with tradition and lead with great business ideas for the benefit of all!
I am downloading COMODO Firewall for the first time. Whatever my experience would be, I still thank you for your approach.

Good luck!

Great saying by Nietzsche! Thats what Comodo is all about!

thank you