Comodo Firewall v.3

It would be nice to have a firewall option to block internet only, as opposed to “Block all”. Currently I have setup a zone for my LAN marked to “Exclude” and put that in my “Blocked” zones when I am working on proprietary data in order to stop any internet activity but allow access to the LAN printer. Then I have to remove it from my “Blocked zones” when I am finished. It would be easier if there were an option on the right click firewall tray icon to activate/deactivate the block for this zone.

Why don’t you post this suggestion here (see below)

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While I’m not sure on how you have your setup for internet and your LAN printer is in detail, but Would this work for your situation.
Can you just pull the plug for your internet connection ( or hook up some type of switch to the plug for the internet). It would be the securest method that I know of.

Sorry. I missed the “wish list” area. Cable modem to router (Linksys BEFSX41) to 2 computers & printer all hard wired. If I understand your suggestion, it would not work since I need to provide internet & printer access to the other computer (my wife’s computer and she would be upset if I deny her access to the internet or printer) while blocking internet access to my computer but allowing LAN access. It is not a real chore to open the Comodo firewall and add the “Excluded” LAN network to my blocked networks and then go back and remove it, but a right click option would be faster and easier to accomplish the task. I would think that allowing LAN access while blocking internet access would be a positive feature, but maybe I am the only one concerned about that when I am working on my proprietary data. Theoretically it should not be a problem to leave internet access available with the firewall properly set up, but I like as many levels of security as I can get for that type of data.