Comodo Firewall v 3.0 Incompatibility with Sonic DLA - CD/DVD Drive

:P0l In December, 2007, I upgraded Comodo Firewall version 2.0, to version 3.0 and encountered a problem. Every time I used my CD/DVD drive I got the dreaded BSOD. I contacted Comodo Technical and they advised that I disable the Defense +, this did no good. I eventually completely uninstalled version 3.0 and re installed version 2.0 which I am still using. This was after completely reinstalling Windows XP and adding software one at a time to see if the other software on my machine was the problem.
I would like to upgrade to the newest version 3.0, but wish to know whether this problem has been solved before again switching to the latest version.
I was not the only user that was having this problem, version 3.0 apparently was having problems with Sonic DLA. I apologise if I have not posted this question in the correct place or way. This is my first posting.

I was one of the people having problems with the sonic dla driver when comodo Pro 3 was installed, they just told me unintall the sonic dla, which sucked but I do hope now they have fixed this big problem.

I’m having the same problem with comodo v3 & sonic dla, whenever a dvdrw disc is in the drive, when i eject the disc 100% will get bsod, i’m using the latest version of cfp and still having problem with dla.The only way or workaround currently is to go to my dvdrw drive icon, right click and uncheck the dla before i eject my drive. Hope comodo can try to fix this problem soon.

Hi hotasy2k,

Can you please provide related minidump(s) here.