Comodo Firewall Upload Bandwidth Dropped 50% on VMWare Workstation 11 & 12

Comodo Firewall v5.4.189822.1355 running on Windows 2008 Server experienced a huge drop on uploads of about 50% when running on VMWare Workstation 11 & 12. When it runs on physical server with same OS there is no problem. I have already tried the 3 different NIC drivers from VMWare and I have the same performance issue while Comodo Firewall is install. If I uninstall Comodo Firewall then the upload matches my bandwidth peak (100MB Ethernet). I have tried upgrading to the latest Comodo Internet Security but not everything is upgraded probably due to compatibility issues with older OS. I wanted to bring this issue to Comodo’s tech support and hopefully received some type of feedback on what can be done to fix it. I only have the Firewall feature enabled. My Host is a Win2012 Running VMWare Wks 12. I have been using Comodo Firewall for long time now on physical servers but encounter this issue as I am starting to virtualize my servers and workstations.

Really? no comments from Support Team???