Comodo Firewall update resulting paging file problems

Hello, I ask for it here as this began to appear after I manually upgraded to CPF 12.1 from 12.0 via cmd_fw_installer_138430009_eb.exe. The upgrade process succeeded and after restart the fw seems fully functional, but as some side effect I’m getting this windows message on logon

on my manually managed paging file. The symptoms are these:
If I change in VM manager to OS managed VM, this message doesn’t appear, but the paging file is created on my C: volume where I don’t want it.
If I change to manually managed VM and set it to be on different drive, this message appears and Windows creates paging file on first available volume.

I want to ask if there aren’t changes in CPF 12.1 that limit using custom paging file. Unfortunatelly I’m unable to downgrade to CPF 12.0 to see if version makes the difference. I noticed during walking throught the upgrade wizard there was a choice for installing Comodo Security Essentials, which I left checked. I don’t use HIPS nor Comodo AV, so maybe this component may be removed to make sure. Can I do it some way?

The Internet Security Essentials should appear in Control Panel Programs and can be uninstalled through there as normal

As for the Paging File issue, I don’t believe there is any particular requirement in Comodo applications that limit the file location. I have both Paging File and Swapfile on a different physical drive with Temp file on a RAM drive and have had CIS running through several versions w/o a problem. I would double check your setup for the Paging file first:

Moving Pagefile etc.

Hello Ploget, I checked the custom page file setup thoroughly, including switching to OS managed mode and back, recreating the swap file volume from clean. For test I uninstalled Comodo Firewall completely, and the PF problem message on start disappeared. From which I’m concluding it’s though CPF fault. Now I installed CPF, same version and without internet security essentials from clean and it’s back again, just I’m not getting the message box above but system VM configuration opens straight ahead showing no paging file allowed. In AIDA64 I can see that no paging file is used at all, which is bad and could result in BSODs after all physical memory is consumed.

So now what, I’d like to revert to CPF version 12.0, which didn’t cause this problem. Can I access offline installer for any previous version?

It seems I need exactly this version:

Unfortunately, Comodo doesn’t store previous versions on their site. I’ve included link(s) below, where it can be found and verified

Thanks so much, by following the downgrade process to, I’m back to properly working firewall instance. The files breaking my custom VM configuration were system drivers, ie. one of cmderd.sys, cmdguard.sys, cmdhlp.sys, inspect.sys. Please notify me if a proper update solving this issue will be released.

There is the Beta 2 version which so far has been stable on the majority of testing, but you may want to wait for the next release, which hopefully shouldn’t be too far away

Hello Bucky Kid,

We pleased to inform you that new version of CIS has been released.So could you please check with this latest version of CIS v12.2.2.7036.
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