Comodo Firewall UI chnage by steam game?

Hello Everyone,
I have encountred a wierd HIPS detection and I would like to clear things and understand what happened.
I have recently installed Comodo Firewall on a new win10 64bit clean install.
I have also installed Steam on that system, and when i first launched one of my games, HIPS prompted a couple of alerts which seem regular to this, but one of the alerts seemed suspicious to me.
The alert given is like this: " “game name " .exe is trying to modify the user interface of cis.exe” , I have blocked it right away, and the game still managed to run.
I doubt this is a mawlare, since i launched it directly from steam, but could anyone give any explanation to this message, and wether I should allow it next time?

Best Regards.

It probably sent a broadcast message to all windows so you can allow it, and if you trust the game you can set it to trusted in the file list to stop getting alerts.