COMODO Firewall settings

Hello. I have a PC Win. 7 and a Kodak ESP 9250 3 in 1 connected wireless. Today I attempted to print from the Google maps web page and I get a code that relates to a firewall setting but when I go to the help links for COMODO that are provided they do not apply. I mean the tabs or listings for the functions don’t match my GUI. That page is provided by the Kodak help software and allows the user to select their Security software. (That is where I selected COMODO).

Can anyone help me with this?

Hello ron-e-g. Check the advanced screen of the firewall and see if there are any unrecognized files listed there (particularly this Kodak application). If so, it will need to be given trusted status. Also, this application can easily be given an allowed connectivity status by following the directions listed here Internet Blocking, Internet Access, Firewall Software | Internet Security v6.2

Also, I would advise reading and understanding application rules interface here Application Rules, Firewall Protection, Best Firewall | Internet Security v6.3 and the manage file rating section (along with the 5 succeeding chapters in that section) here Manage File Rating, Virus Protection, Internet Protection | CIS v6.2 | COMODO to avoid any potential issues with any applications in the future.

Hopefully this gets you up and printing, keep us posted.

Thank you WWWT for the great response! Sorry for the delay I was away.

I think I followed the steps in the link but…still the error window.

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Well ron, if you made an allowed application ruleset for that Kodak application and it still won’t connect, I’m kinda stumped here. One other thing I would check is, close the the application, reset the sandbox, and re-check if it connects. I say this in thinking a portion of the app may have been sandboxed when you first attempted to run it.

I duno…

Ron, did you by chance follow this guide KODAK Consumer Products Support | Kodak listed on the kodak support site for this particular error with this particular firewall? Also, double check that windows firewall is off.

Also,appears spoolsv.exe is related to windows printing operation. Unblock that and reattempt.

worldwidewiretap, I have tried that link but it is either out-dated or does not apply to my version of COMODO. COMODO is completely blocking my WI-FI printing. I can print with the COMODO Firewall turned off. also Win fW is not active.

Help Please.

hello ron-e-g, I’m sorry your’re still having issues with this, I’m tryin here buddy… If you notice in your screen shot above, the service (spoolsv.exe) has a rule applied which is (block all incoming and outgoing connections). From what I’m seeing online, this application is crucial for the windows printing services to function. To test this, you’ll have to double click on the rule in the application rules table and edit the rule from (block) to (allow), or from (block) to (ask) and allow it whenever it pops up. I would restart the system after adjusting this rule and before rechecking the printing service.

It keeps defaulting to Blocked! Also I can get no response to the phone number or the on-line chat?

Check the advanced settings interface of Comodo, go to File Rating tab, click Trusted Files tab, and within that page, there will be a (search) area towards the top. Enter spoolsv.exe in that search bar, and see if it is listed as a trusted file.

worldwidewiretap Thanks for your help. After trying it again, The spoolsv.exe is allowed, and the printer is responding!

Now about that Live Chat… ;D

Glad to hear ya got it workin ron-e-g! And I hope I was of some help to you. As for the live chat and phone number, those are Comodo services, of which, I think I used the live chat once back in the day, and I can’t really recall how exactly. Sorry I didn’t clarify that earlier, but I was determined to get to the bottom of your issue. Anyhow, again, congrats on your success, I feel like the three stooges when the repeatedly say success…

PS, I dig the tape reel desktop. Peace