Comodo Firewall scanning network shares


I keep getting popup alerts from Comodo Firewall regarding several files which I know are false-positives. Thing is,

(a) I installed and configured Comodo just as a firewall. So why is it acting like an antivirus and scanning files? I’m not even trying to open or run the files in question. If I go into the Comodo logs viewer, the alerts even show up under “Antivirus”, NOT “Firewall” (or even “Defense+”). If I wanted Comodo to do antivirus duty, I would have installed it as such! (I do have another antivirus for that.)


(b) The files in question are on a share located on another computer on my network. So why is Comodo scanning network shares, in addition to local drives?

I can run a tool called Process Monitor and see cmdagent.exe accessing all of the files on the network share on a regular, repeated basis. And I keep getting the same popup about Comodo preventing a (nonexistent, false-positive) threat to my computer, again on a repeated basis.

I’d like to know what I have to do to get Comodo to stop acting like the antivirus I don’t need it to be…

Check if you installed Comodo AV. If you didn’t want it you should have unchecked during the customize install process.

Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > find Comodo > Click Uninstall/Change. The Comodo setup wizard should start.

Click Next > Click Change > Uncheck the AV if present.

Comodo Antivirus was never installed, and is not selectable in the “Programs and Features”/“Change” utility.

Thanks for the suggestion, at least. Any other ideas?

Okay, today Comodo gave me a false-positive security alert regarding a file on my hard drive, so it’s clearly scanning files on my local drives as well as network shares. It’s acting like the Antivirus component is installed (and doing a scheduled scan of some kind), but it ISN’T installed. I never selected the Antivirus for installation, and it does not appear in the Comodo user interface at all, so there’s no way for me to disable or control it.

I have another vendor’s antivirus installed and neither want nor need the Comodo one. I do want the Comodo Defense+ for protection from malware, but it should only scan files as they attempt to execute, not ones that are just sitting there on my drive. It should NOT scan every file on my hard drive (which it seems to be doing at least once a day, if not more often).

Isn’t there ANY way I can completely stop this behavior?