Comodo Firewall - rule allow certain apps only locally

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I have a question about Comodo Firewall

Is there any way that I can create a rule that can then be applied to individual applications?

I want to create a rule that allows certain apps to connect only locally, but not to the internet.

Ideally so that the rule does not only work in a specific network with IP range e.g. 192.168.2.x, but works in all local IP ranges, so it does not matter if I am at home with IP range 192.168.2.x or in another network that uses e.g. 192.168.9.x.

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this might help

hello domo78,

thank you very much for your answer and the screenshots. I tried to translate them to understand what you did. But unfortunately I can’t derive the necessary steps or I don’t understand what I have to do.

I don’t understand why I should do something with loopback when I want to create a rule that allows certain applications to connect only locally (LOCAL AREA NETWORK) but not to the Internet.

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Hello Tom_K,

When you install CIS, CIS creates a Home #1 network zone:

Priority rules for outgoing traffic

You can create an application rule “Access to Home #1” containing 2 rules :

  • the first one allowing access to Home #1 (Destination address)
  • the second one blocking other accesses

Then assign this application rule to the programs whose access to the local network you want to limit.

I am not a network specialist. With this restriction, perhaps to be more general it would be possible to create a rule with as destination address @ IP of beginning and as @ IP of end

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