Comodo Firewall Ruined

The latest update to Comodo is ■■■■! Comodo used to be fast and efficient. Now it’s slow as a fat snail, a resource hog and a general pain in the a$$. Particularly, the alert about a new network. Old version you could just “X” out of it. New version you must select a place your at. I don’t want to join it I want to ignore it. It is my neighbors network. I’m not interested in joining it. Plus, it’s a secure network. After I chose a place I’m at it then wants me to secure it!!! I have to then get into the firewall settings and remove it from the network zones. All of this creates an anger management subject because comodo takes an eternity the accomplish this inane and useless task. In fact every time I go into the tasks option and alter one of the settings Comodo moves like that fat snail. I am totally fed up with this so-called improvement. As soon as I can I’m dumping this ■■■■ and installing another firewall!

Hi arrowhead43,
Comodo is still fast and light, IMO the latest version has improved performance and efficiency over previous versions.
I would suggest maybe looking for conflicting programs or consider trying a fresh re-install.
Most Effective Way to Reinstall/Update CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems

In regards to new networks, you can disable ‘automatic detection of private networks’ found under the firewall settings as with previous versions.
Firewall behavioral Settings

Kind regards.

Sorry have to agree with arrowhead43 . I have 1 whs2011(no comodo installed) ,1 i7 workstation (windows 8.1) 2 htpc (windows 7),2 laptop (w7 &8.1) . all working good unitl update. now have taken it offhtpc and laptops. only workstation has comodo. rules broken dnla issues… all was good until update!
1 laptop is ok as it is basic , but iother laptop ,workstation and htpc are all buggy after update
I have been using comodo for yesrs with no issues UNTIL NOW!

Ciao :wink:
io mi sono appena registrato al forum… sono un ragazzo italiano e vedo che qui è tutto e solamente in inglese :-!!! spero tanto di ricevere delle risposte al mio quesito, malgrado ciò… comodo firewall l’ho appena installato perchè consigliatomi, ma ho notato che, adesso, non riesco più ad aprire dei fogli elettronici(OpenDocument), perchè mi viene negato l’accesso… qualcuno di voi potrebbe dirmi come mai? grazie a tutti coloro che lo faranno :).

Captainsticks; I don’t want to disable network look up. If I’m on the road and in a hotel I want to be able to see the appropriate network to sign in on. I don’t want to be notified of my neighbor’s network. I want to just exit out of the notification without having to go through all the unnecessary steps to remove the network that I’m forced to acknowledge.
Also, Comodo is not, in anyway imaginable, light and fast. An excellent and universally acclaimed software masterpiece has been converted to junk!

I don’t think you can really do that, its kind of an all or nothing deal. Sounds like you want to filter broadcast traffic I don’t think its even built into the wireless architecture really.

Essentially you want to see (all future) public network but not see a specific (neighbor) public network?

Maybe you can ask your neighbor to turn off their SSID broadcast.

I have CIS running on an old P4 384MB RAM test system with no issues to speak of, I think it is fair to imagine it is light and fast for this time era. :wink:

I’m writing because 4 days ago I helped a friend install Comodo (immediately after I helped him do a “factory restore” from the Recovery partition to get rid of some suspicious software) and today he reported to me that all webpages now load about 10 times slower than before and that this problem began 4 days ago. He wasn’t using Comodo before; I think an expired Norton Security Suite was the only security software that had been present before the factory recovery.

If memory serves, we chose only a few non-default Comodo settings:
Didn’t install Geekbuddy.
Didn’t change to Comodo DSN servers.
Enabled HIPS (‘safe’ mode).
We discussed whether to choose Home Network or Public Network during the Windows (7 home premium) setup that followed the factory restore, and settled on Public due to untrusted friends/acquaintances who share his Verizon DSL internet wifi router.

The factory recovery restored the Norton software too. We didn’t uninstall it, but there was an indication that Comodo deactivated Norton, because Norton popped up a warning that it wasn’t active.

Any troubleshooting suggestions? Do we need to uninstall Norton? If so, shouldn’t the Comodo installer issue a warning about the need to uninstall Norton?

@Aim4It: I think you misunderstood Arrowhead43 because he (or she, but I’ll assume he) wrote something contradictory. He DOES want to continue to receive the notification about his neighbor’s network; he just wants the option of being able to dismiss the notification. He wants a Cancel button.

@CaptainSticks: You say Comodo must be fast & fine because it runs well on an old Pentium4 computer with 384K RAM. Is that pc is running an old version of Windows? Maybe Comodo is slow/buggy only with recent versions of Windows. Until I mentioned Windows 7 Home Premium above, only one of the people complaining about Comodo’s sluggishness mentioned which version of Windows they use (Windows 8.1).

Best wishes!

This is worthy for but in a good way not being rude or anything here taking into consideration OP has a serious request.

I am happy with CFW, though it does have some issues no doubt. I think key to the latest version is to know exactly what you are doing.

I guess it is also quite hard to make a product for network pros that can also be used by newcomers. Networking is a large area and being able to cover it all with a bit of software is a task that might not be able to bridge the pro and the newcomer and I myself tend to lean on the newcomer side of things having had serious issues with CFW and having had to wipe the system because of CFW.

Any way I guess a lot of people are eagerly awaiting the next update or next full version. Perhaps not trying to include all sort of features but sticking to the basics might be a good approach. Not everything can be covered with one piece of software, especially not in the security and networking sector.

A ‘Cancel’ button doesn’t work well with a security suite. What action is carried out then? Is the request Allowed? Denied? Does it go into Oblivion? There are only different gradients of allowing or blocking.

If an alert request times out from no response the suite falls back on Default Deny.

You see the ambiguity with a Cancel button? The user has no reassurance of what happened to the request.

Now that you mention it, yes, what does happen when hitting cancel?