Comodo Firewall Release History (v2, v3 & v3.5)

Version 2 Release History

Whats new in in Version 2.4.17

FIXED! the vulnerabilities addressed in
FIXED! the incompatibility problem with ArovaxShield
FIXED! some bugs reported by users

Whats new in Version 2.4.16

NEW! COMODO Firewall brand name has been changed to COMODO Firewall Pro
NEW! COMODO Firewall Pro is now available in 13 Languages other than English
1- Chinese (Traditional)
2- Chinese (Simplified)
3- Dutch
4- French
5- Greek
6- Hungarian
7- Portugese (Brazilian)
8- Portugese (Continental)
9- Russian
10- Spanish (LA)
11- Spanish (Spain)
12- Swedish
13- Turkish

NEW! Added an optional system tray icon animation
IMPROVED! The activation does not require the user to activate the license
IMPROVED! Self defense : COMODO Firewall now verifies the digital signature of its own applications
IMPROVED! Application connections breakdown(In/Out traffic with correct traffic amounts)
IMPROVED! Reduced the false positive rates for the application behavior analysis
IMPROVED! Removed Non-TCP/UDP connection alerts until version 3.0
IMPROVED! DHCP stateful analysis : added MAC address verification for the DHCP server
FIXED! Temporary 100% CPU utilization of Cmdagent.exe
FIXED! Some incompatibility problems with various applications(SSM, Avast etc.)
FIXED! Some folders were locked by the firewall causing unmounting problems
FIXED! Few bugs reported through COMODO Bug Collection system
FIXED! Few bugs which can cause DoS attacks against the firewall

Whats new in Version

FIXED! Network monitor rules were not loaded during system boot.
FIXED! DHCP protocol stateful analysis were causing reconnection problems
FIXED! CPF was crashing when a ShellExecute hooking software(SuperAdblocker, counterspy etc.) is installed
FIXED! CPF tray icon was showing wrong tooltip text
FIXED! Log size is not remembered correctly
FIXED! Many other bugs are fixed according to the user bug reports

Whats new in Version 2.3.5

NEW! Removed Comodo LaunchPad Installation
FIXED! Startup Delay if Terminal Services service is disabled
FIXED! Navigating between adapters using “Next” and “Previous” links could cause error message
FIXED! When no adapter active was showing wrong adapter information

Whats new in Version 2.3.4

NEW! Reduced Memory Usage
NEW! Added Protocol Analysis Option
NEW! Added packet checksum verification feature
NEW! Added an option to define Alert Frequency level
NEW! Added defense for own registry keys and files against malware tampering
NEW! Added Suspicious file submission capability to popup alert
IMPROVED! Default network control rules
IMPROVED! New icons for rules section
IMPROVED! Tasks and Advanced section layouts are redesigned
IMPROVED! Effect on OS system performance has significantly been decreased
FIXED! Bug causing Windows to freeze (a rare but serious bug of BETA Releases)
FIXED! Bug causing Log Size selection to be forgotten after a reboot
FIXED! Bug causing legitimate packets to be dropped by protocol analysis
FIXED! The firewall will use the default browser instead of IE
REMOVED! Hardware details section from the summary section

Whats new in Version 2.2.0

NEW! Skip advanced security checks
NEW! CPF passes another leak test!
Comodo Firewall - passes one more leak test called BITS. (
IMPROVED! Display Settings

What’s new in Version 2.1.0

NEW! Monitor COM/OLE Requests
NEW! Automatically Approve Safe Applications
IMPROVED! Zone Modification

What’s in Version 2.0.0

NEW! Application Component Authentication
NEW! Application Behavior Analysis
NEW! Smart Alerts
NEW! Windows Security Center Integration
NEW! Self Protection against Termination of Critical Firewall Processes
NEW! PC Security during Booting
NEW! Automatic Updater
NEW! Error Reporting Interface
IMPROVED! Firewall Logging
IMPROVED! Security Rules Interface
IMPROVED! Application Activity Control
IMPROVED! Graphical User Interface
IMPROVED! Application Recognition (Only in Comodo Firewall)

Version 3 Release History

Latest release notes can be found here:

• Fixed! Windows Vista 64 UI Problems.
• Fixed! SafeSurf crashes applications on x64 based operating systems.

• FIXED! COMODO Firewall activation fails under some circumstances.

• NEW! COMODO SafeSurf Toolbar built on COMODO Memory Firewall technology
• FIXED! COMODO Firewall does not add files from network shares to pending list
• FIXED! COMODO Firewall does not log incoming ICMP packets properly
• FIXED! COMODO Firewall blocks everything when password protection is OFF and suppress options are ON
• FIXED! COMODO Firewall does not terminate active connections properly
• FIXED! COMODO Firewall firewall driver can not be installed properly in Vista operating systems
• FIXED! COMODO Firewall can be terminated when Windows XP is being shutdown
• FIXED! COMODO Firewall GUI does not appear properly on Windows Vista operating systems
• FIXED! COMODO Firewall GUI can truncate texts in 120 DPI
• FIXED! COMODO Firewall does not handle long filename properly
• FIXED! COMODO Firewall does not update the version correctly after being updated
• FIXED! COMODO Firewall crashes on exit
• FIXED! COMODO Firewall can cause BSODs when gameprotect rootkit triggers its self defense
• FIXED! COMODO Firewall can not verify digital signatures
• FIXED! Small problems in GUI
• IMPROVED! Clean PC Mode and Safe Mode: Improvements that lead to small number of alerts and pending files
• IMPROVED! Default Security policy so that Windows Updates do not lead to significant alerts

• FIXED! BUG causing D+ to allow file modification attempts although it is blocked under some circumstances.
• IMPROVED! Reduced false positives for D+ keyboard access alerts.
• IMPROVED! Removed false positives for D+ service control manager access for XP computers.
• IMPROVED! Increased D+ ability to protect itself from already installed rootkits.

• FIXED! CFP.exe could be terminated using EndTask API
• FIXED! When the firewall alerts were disabled, all the traffic was blocked.

• FIXED! Slow network performance under certain circumstances

• FIXED! Bugs in D+ affecting CFP’s ability to handle some events properly
• FIXED! CFP freezes the computer in certain cases of network traffic
• FIXED! CFP GUI slows down when some other software is installed
• FIXED! CFP GUI fails to start when resource extraction fails
• IMPROVED! The default configuration has been updated to protect more resources

• FIXED! Import functionality does not work correctly
• FIXED! Logging does not work for “Allow” rules
• FIXED! Duplicate entries are created for some applications with 8.3 path names
• FIXED! Logoff/Login stops the functionality of some applications
• FIXED! Uninstaller does not work as expected

• FIXED! Exceptions could not be added in protections window
• FIXED! Ask rules do not work in firewall rules when there is an allow/block rule in the policy
• FIXED! Windows Vista D+ protection was not properly working for pseudo-COM interfaces(e.g. DNS resolver or service control manager access)
• FIXED! Updates are going to provide configuration migration wizard to make the old configurations compatible with the new one
• FIXED! Windows Vista virus scanner does not run

• NEW! Anti-Leak Configuration:

  • A new default configuration is introduced to make D+ show fewer number of popup alerts while still remaining leak proof.
    • NEW! On-Demand Virus Scanning:
  • CFP now provides an option to scan for viruses during the installation and from its graphical user interface
    • NEW! A-VSMART Warranty Program:
  • CFP now provides the users an option to enroll one of the available A-VSMART Warranty programs
    • IMPROVED! Self-Defense:
  • There has been various reports that CFP 3.0 is attacked by some malware to disable its protection.
    The self defense has been modified such that an ungraceful termination of CFP will block every unknown action (i.e. it will function as if “Block all unknown actions if the application is closed” option is selected. This option was not enabled by default).
    • IMPROVED! Default Configuration:
  • Default configuration now protects more registry keys and more COM interfaces.
  • Default Web Browser and FTP Client policies are modified to support passive FTP requests
    • IMPROVED! Handling of known code executing applications:
  • Defense+ has been modified such that some known code executing programs such as rundll32.exe or windows scripting host are not automatically trusted anymore.
    • IMPROVED! Pending Files:
  • Defense+ has been modified such that it is not going to report any pending files if it is not in clean PC mode.
    • FIXED! Bugs in Defense+ Engine:
  • Fixed numerous bugs that could stop Defense+ to properly handle the suspicious actions(e.g.bugs in registry and file protection, key logging etc).
  • Fixed the bug that could prevent CFP from functioning properly in certain types of hardware configurations(e.g. when a USB harddisk is present etc.).
    • FIXED! Minor Bugs in the Graphical User Interface

• Fixed the bug causing Windows Updates to fail in Windows Vista
• Fixed the bug causing Windows to show “Access Denied” message while deleting a folder

Minor bug fixes.

• FIXED! VPN Clients can now connect to VPN servers while CFP is installed
• FIXED! cmdagent.exe no longer consumes 100% CPU64 Mb RAM
• FIXED! System reboot no longer takes too long when CFP is installed with some other security software, e.g. avast!
• FIXED! CFP can now find the application behind a connection (for example Kaspersky web scanner)
• FIXED! “System Idle Process” is now changed to “Windows Operating System” to describe application less traffic (So no more “System Idle Process” in CFP)
• FIXED! Internet Connection Sharing (ICS): CFP is now compatible with ICS servers (users will be required to answer some popup alerts)
• FIXED! System performance has been improved
• FIXED! Defense+ no longer allows some applications to modify a protected file if it is not allowed
• FIXED! Eliminated 8.3 path conversion and its associated duplicate entries/not remembering my answer problems (e.g. for BOClean or AVG)
• FIXED! If CFP.exe is active, trying to rerun cfp.exe will activate the currently active CFP.exe instance now
• FIXED! Accidental BLOCK/ALLOW for image execution popups are NOT remembered through out the application life time anymore (This means if an application is blocked/allowed from being executed without remembering, it will be asked again).
• FIXED! Default global rules for NON-P2P mode has now been changed to allow various incoming ICMP messages that affects windows updates and trace routing applications

• FIXED! New application signature database has been introduced; the size and format has been significantly changed to prevent false alerts from some AV programs
• FIXED! Crashes while opening help file from the GUI links have been eliminated
• FIXED! Crashes related to password protection dialog have also been eliminated

First public non-BETA release of Comodo Firewall Pro 3!

Host Intrusion Prevention System - locks down access to system critical files and blocks malware before it ever has a chance to install

Clean PC Mode - Patent-pending feature profiles all applications in new PC and registers them as “safe”. Then, only applications that you approve can be installed onto your PC.

Advanced Network Firewall Engine - safeguards your data from identity thieves by stopping malicious programs from connecting to the internet

Application Behavior Analysis - analyzes each application’s behavior and detects any suspicious activity before allowing internet access.

Smart Alerts - Every alert includes a Security Consideration section with clear advice on how to react.

White list of nearly one million trusted applications

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Now that Comodo Internet Security is out, Latest release notes can be found in the CIS Board, Comodo Internet Security Release History.