Comodo Firewall problem (LAN + WIFI same subnet)

Hi i have win 8 64bit pro installed. There netlimiter and vmware (both of them adds something to network connections settings, i think their drivers). Now i installed comodo firewall. When i am on wifi and lan is disconnected, everything works ok. When i connect lan and stay wifi connected too, internet stops working. The same behaviour when i wifi disconnect and lan connect. When i turn off comodo internet securite driver item in lan connection settings, internet works.
I tried to find out reason in comodo firewall settings, but no success. There are really two networks. hmm the one ip is other It seems that it maybe thinks sometimes it is the same network i dont know. I tried uninstall and install many times with turned off and turned on netlimiter and vmware settings but the same behaviour. What do you think is the reason of this? Windows firewall is turned off. thanks

Welcome to the forum.

There shouldn’t be any problems running WiFi and wired concurrently, however, when there are two adapters, the OS will, based on certain settings, use one adapter in preference to the other.

Would you mind posting some screenshots of your expanded Network zones and firewall application rules.

As it’s not obvious for sure whether this is a bug or an issue I will move this to the Firewall Help - CIS section of the forum. Please send me a PM if you need it move back to the bug reports.