Comodo Firewall Pro

After downloading update Comodo Firewall Pro 24 May 2008 , Every thing works fine until I reboot my computer then I get A blue screen I have to go into safe mode and do A system restore then every thing works fine again I have even downloaded the latest updates and the same thing happened. I have uninstalled it and downloaded the latest version but the same thing happened again . Can you please help

I will forward this to Comodo staff, let’s see what they say.

What error code and number do the BSOD provide? It looks like 0x0000004F: etc, IRQ_LESS_OR_NOT_EQUAL.

I think what’s happening is that the CPF uninstaller isn’t removing all of the original directories/settings.

Please uninstall CPF then delete the following directories:

C:/Program Files/Comodo

C:/Documents And Settings/All Users/Application Data/Comodo

C:/Documents And settings/[username]/application data/comodo

It’s also advisable to use ccleaner or something simular to remove temp files and invalid registry entries.

Reboot then reinstall and it should work for you.

The uninstaller is being improved but I suffer problems when i do a fresh install without removing those directories.


something has to be done about the uninstaller, how more complex the code is, the more diffcult it is to build a good uninstaller.

If comodo doesn’t resolve this issue, this could be a verry long tail for COMODO.

ok, bye!

I agree with TripleX,

Although I have been lucky and had no problems with CFP and never had to uninstall it; judging by the number of people posting here who have had to uninstall and reinstall there is definitely a need for a comprehensive uninstaller that works and removes CFP completely.

It is unfair to expect people to have to use 3rd party uninstall software, and then have to clean the registry etc. in order to get rid of all the various files. Many may not have the knowledge or confidence to do this.

This reminds me of the dreaded Norton AV a few years ago which was impossible to uninstall unless you had the specific program from Norton CS (and they wouldn’t let you have the uninstaller for the current one at the time; just the previous year’s).

I would hate to see CFP get a bad name like that. After all it is in my opinion the best free and perhaps the best available Firewall.


I complained about the uninstaller back in 2006. I guess they are still working on it ;D

My quote back then :

“First, I must say that the uninstaller is not worthy of the word uninstall. It leaves a bunch of stuff in the registry and does not do a good job of cleaning up. Anyone ever hear of zero footprint?”