Comodo Firewall Pro vs Comodo Firewal Pro Plus?

I was wondering if anyone uses Comodo Firewal Pro Plus and what is the diffrence? (:WIN)

(S) (R)

Difference is : If you do get infected, Comodo will clean it up for you in the pro version.

In normal, you have to do it yourself (:LGH)


I am still a bit confused.

What is this than?

Why are they comparing antivirus programs? Does it come with a special Antivirus? Doesnt Comodo have a free Antivirus (CAVS in beta)

No that’s just a comparative.
They try to explain how strong CFP is.
Let me try to explain :

CFP is with defence+ the strongest off the moment, now normally if you use it good you will have no virus infection ever. And if you do, they clean it up for you, that’s the pro support

I sujest you read This

I hope you understand now