Comodo Firewall Pro Version released!

I’ve seen nothing on here about the update. What changes / implimentations were made?

The update went like a hot knife trought butter (:TNG)


Here is the official changelog

I keep getting error 112 unable to copy file cfpconfig.exe…anyone any ideas?

Turn off the firewall and D+ while updating :wink:

P.S. By turning off I mean move the sliders to disable section :slight_smile:

Comodo Firewall Pro is now available for download!

Comodo Firewall Pro for XP/Vista - 32-bit (English only)
Size: 20.0 MB (20,902,656 bytes)
MD5: 66e774ed0d874a492a58195b5a2b7e84
SHA1: 11a7a67b31b22c518587612e91ace8a375130175

Comodo Firewall Pro for XP/Vista - 64-bit (English only)
Size: 29.3 MB (30,752,512 bytes)
MD5: 4d0d85ce0779c8c2bb6d3bc33c17e279
SHA1: dac634e38dbe976bbfc5bdc0032616be54f5cf2c

Change log:

  • FIXED! CFP.exe could be terminated using EndTask API
  • FIXED! When the firewall alerts were disabled, all the traffic was blocked.

Tried that with the same result, please don’t tell me that i’m going to have to reinstall the Firewall (:SAD)

Run the Diagnostics tool. Maybe there is a problem with your firewall ? 88)

Diagnostics reports no problems…i think the writings on the wall…i’m gonna have to bite the flamin bullet and reinstall…great!!!

Great news, but does it fix the CHKDSK problem/bug?

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Looking at the change log, I would say no.



try this before reinstall: close CFP, then open it with “Run as Administrator” option. Disable Defense+ and Firewall as advised and try to update. I had your same problem but that way worked perfectly.

Does this version contains the ThreatCast beta?

Beta’s aren’t on the main download page and TC is still beta. If you go to the main download page you will see the change log.

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