Comodo Firewall Pro V3.0.13.268 vs Linksys/Wallwatcher

(:SAD) (:AGY) (J)
Comodo Firewall Pro V3.0.13.268. Installed it last night with ease. Worked fine, except it would not let the Linksys BEFR series router communicate with the Wallwatcher application. Wallwatcher lets the user view the router log tables to see the I/O streams of the router. The firewall was installed with the proactive defenses active. I tried everything you could imagine, but the firewall was blocking the incoming data from the router. The blockages were logged in Firewall/Common Tasks/View Firewall Events/. The router talked with wallwatcher without incident with the comodo firewall V2. Only with the V3 firewall did this become a problem. I uninstalled the firewall, and the router communicated with wallwatcher as supposed to do. So the problem was with the V3 firewall. Reinstalled the V3 firewall as a simple firewall, and the router communicated with wallwatcher. The firewall is installed with the proactive defense as inactive. The Network Defense is set to Custom Policy Mode, which means the user will be alerted each time an application is launched. Do you have a similar problem with a router?