comodo firewall pro question

Sorry in advance if this topic is in the wrong location, I also tried using the search feature to find topics discussing this matter but had not come across any. For the longest time now I had continued to use the beta firewall, and I think I noticed a feature missing now that I have updated myself with version I had liked having the control in the section activity, connections at the end of each application listed I had a close button? Any way I could put that back up or reason for why it isn’t there.

Edit: Looks like I had placed this in the wrong location, again sorry :-\

Welcome to the forum, Sissy.

The popular Close button was removed in v2.4, which I assume you’re using a beta of, was excluded and is only re-introduced in v3 (renamed as ‘Terminate’ when right-clicked as a context menu). You can upgrade to v3 from the official site: