Comodo Firewall Pro often accesses hdd

Hi, I’m using Comodo Firewall Pro and with file Monitor from sysinternals i found out that the program access the HDD too often. It makes requests to C:\windows\system32\d3d9.dll and d3d8.dll ddraw.dll as shown in my screenshot.
Where does this behavior come from and how can i stop it?

Hmmmmmmmm, this could possibly why there is a current issue with CPF 3xxx C.I.S 3.5 and RAXCO Perfect Disk 8 & Perfect Disk 2008 sMajor Slow Down Time when Analyzing & Defragmenting.

Is there a chance that a developer or admin goes into the matter?

I have already spoken to Melih about the RAXCO PD matter and they are looking into it.