COMODO Firewall Pro & log files

I’ve installed COMODO Firewall Pro (CFP_2.4.18.184) on a production windows 2003 server and was wonder if there was any way that I could output the log files to another drive and store log files bigger then 100MB and rotate the logs when they reach a set size?

Is there a syslog module that allows for more advanced logging?


Not sure if this feature is available in 2.4 as I have been using the 3.0 beta for some time but there may be a way to set Comodo Firewall to export the log after it reaches a certain size.

If this feature doesn’t exist in 2.4 (I don’t believe it does, but as I said it has been some time and I could be wrong) you can simply right click and export the log to an HTML file and save it that way, then once you’ve exported it you can clear the log and so fourth.

In version 3.0 you will have more advanced logging options available (see screenshot)


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Hi Júštiñ™,

Thank you for the screen shot, version 3.0 definitely looks more like what I need but I didn’t see a place to down load 3.0 from the website?

how long has it been in beat for and is it stable enough to run on a server as a second line of defense?