"Comodo firewall pro is being initiated"


I’ve only experienced this since the latest update. After starting up my pc, then hovering my mouse pointer over the CFP tray icon I get a “being initiated” message. However, when right clicking and opening up the app, it tells me all is functioning and working. :-\

If I set to “allow all” via the tray icon, then set it back to “custom” the message (when hovering) goes to the normal “all up and running” message.


I am also experiencing this problem with this build.

I did too, one time. But after rebooting, it was normal again. CHUCK

OK, I take that back. I just checked and it was “initializing.” As previously stated, I switched to “Allow All” and immediately switched back to “Normal” and “all systems were up and running again.” This bug does not appear to hamper the firewall’s operation or effectiveness though. CHUCK :-\

If you click on the system tray icon for CFP, the message goes away. For some yet to be determined reason, some systems are not updating the tooltip status once the firewall has finished initializing. The firewall is fine, it’s just the message that should only appear when it is actually initializing isn’t going away once it has initialized.

Ewen :slight_smile: