"Comodo Firewall Pro Has Stopped Working" - Vista?

3 times in the last 2 weeks, when I login to my account on Vista desktop in the morning. I get the Vista error window “Comodo Firewall Pro Has Stopped Working” and the close program button to click.

I have the latest update of version 3 as I check every 2 days through the program for updates.

This happens after bout 8 hours overnight, when the monitor has turned off, I do not put the hard drive in any power saving however. So I have to close the program via the vista message and re-open it. This could be really be an issue if I don’t login before I leave the house for the office. If I hadn’t today, the program would have been dead all day with no protection,

Any ideas or suggestions as to what is going on here?

thanks much

any ideas from any here or anyone from Comodo at all?


Hi Joe,

Some more info might be helpful. Which version of CFP are you using and what other security apps?
As well as which version of Vista(basic, premium, or ultimate) and x32 or x64?


Vista Ultiamate 32…
I am not at home right now. but Comodo is the latest version of Version 3. I downloaded it when it bacame fiinal release and do a check for updates allt the time from the program,

Running BoClean and KAV 7.0 and that’s it.

It’s a windows error box that is waiting for me in the mornings,not a Comodo window.

Windows tells me “Comodo Firewall Pro Has Stopped Working”,then there is some text about Microsoft finding an answer etc…then there is the close program button. When I hit that button, the taskbar icon disappears the Comodo program closes and then I have to restart it.


I got a few of those with version 3.0.13; none since I went to the beta board and downloaded 3.0.14. And BTW, the updater is broken and will downgrade you to 3.0.13 again if you let it.

I was also had a couple of those with on my laptop w/Ultimate but since downloading the this past weekend it has not happened. If you want to give it a go here is the link:

Uninstall first, use search with hidden files enabled, reboot, then install. I did not do the search first time around and I ran into a problem so figure I’d give you a heads up about that.

Hope that helps… If not let us know and we’ll go from there.


i will try it when i get home,thx