Comodo Firewall Pro Entries

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The firewall pro entries no longer show up, which arises from the fact that “Software\Comodo\Firewall” is now on the ignore list.

Despite several posts, these question were never answered:
Were these obsolete firewall entries that CIS did not delete? (& if so, should they be addressed by the CIS team?)
Were these legit entries that CRC detected by mistake?
Is there any harm in deleting these entries?


Pls post all this things on Comodo Internet Security section. Thank you for your support.

No offense, but this post is about the registry entries found (or in this case, not found) when using the Comodo Registry Cleaner Beta, so it should be posted here. The question is whether this issue is resolved or whether it needs to be brought to the attention of the CIS team? Can a mod/developer answer these questions?

I would prefer that you spend time improving your products rather than spending a lot of time in the forums.
However, when you do check the forums, I would appreciate an answer to the questions I posted above.

PS. I have noticed that frequently there is no response to posts from users (more frequently than I would expect). It is just an observation that I and others have made.

You can find answers for your questions here.

Unfortunately, the post to which you refer to does not really answer the questions (in fact, I started that sequence of posts also, and the lack of a clear explanation prompted this topic). Thanks…but maybe a definitive answer will remain fleeting.

I have seen the topic date… ;D

Two days ago I did a clean install of CIS 3.9 RC and used CSC in the process and then manually looked for the rest of the registry keys using: .

There were leftovers.

I checked CSC 1.64945.37 and saw in the ignore list Software\Comodo\Firewall ; which can’t seem to be removed . We often advice to use CSC at the CIS boards as part of a clean install.

Could anybody explain why this keys is being ignored?