Comodo Firewall Pro/CIS Configuration Reporting Script [Latest Version is 0.723]

This script is provided as a convenience aid in troubleshooting Comodo Firewall v3 on Windows XP and Windows Vista machines.

This script is NOT a Comodo product, and Comodo will NOT take problem reports regarding this script. The script was written by moderators of the Comodo support forums (grue155, gibran) for their own use in troubleshooting problems and is being made available AS IS for use under terms of the Creative Commons license.

If you have suggestions, changes, questions, or problems with the script, you should post in the topics where you downloaded the script from. For your convenience all related projects topics will be listed here as well.


While this script does not make any changes to your computer, it does report a great deal of information about your computer and the security settings in use. Please review the output of this script (yes, there is a lot, and it is boring for the most part) for any information that you don’t want to have on a public archive if you do post the script results to the Comodo forums.


If in the process of reading thru all that boring output, you decide to “try and fix” your problem by tweaking a registry setting that is listed in the output, and then your machine suddenly STOPS, or starts acting really strange, then you’re pretty much on your own. DO NOT consider the output from this script as a guide to knobs to twist, and switches to flip. Details have to be taken in context, and this script output does not provide sufficient context.

NOTE: Due to platform subtleties this script may not work correctly on 64bit OSes. Please look for a workaround in ERROR Object is not a collection on Windows XP 64 Bit

Latest script Version is 0.723 [DOWNLOAD]

Version 0.720 Fixed Few Firewall Settings output entries
Version 0.721 supports non english charsets
Version 0.722 Fixed Blocked addresses output
Version 0.723 Added Ask&Log FW Parsing, Fixed FW Portrange Parsing, Fixed D+ Policy parsing, Added CIS Support (grue155 & gibran)

[b]Related Projects:[/b]
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In order to work properly this script needs Internet Explorer, Notepad, Netstat, Windows Scriptiong Host runtimes and probably .NET.

Those components should be already installed on your PC anyway if you installed a Customized Windows Version (eg a nlite derived installation disk), if you disabled other Standard Windows features manually or if your system is not updated this script may not work properly.

All common issues with the suggested workaround will be posted here.

List of common components.

[b]ERROR Object is not a collection on Windows XP 64 Bit[/b]
On Windows XP 64 Bit the script can trigger [b]Object is not a collection[/b] error. This error is caused because there are two versions (X32 and X64) of the mshta.exe interpreter. The X32 mshta.exe is the default handler of hta files but this script need the X64 mshta.exe version in order to work properly.

The X64 mshta version is located at %windir%\system32\mshta.exe
In order to run the script on XP 64bit please decompress and drag&drop cfpv3-config.hta on runxp64.bat

Credits to Stormraider for pointing out this issue and to m0ng0d for helping me to troubleshoot this issue and his workaround.

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TIP 1 - Troubleshooting Configuration changes

If you do a regular backup of your CFP Configuration when you get an issue you can import your last working CFP configuration as a new configuration with a new name and then use the script to create a report of these configurations. You can then use a Visual Diff tool (aptdiff, winmerge, diffmerge) to find the differences.;topic=20950.0;attach=13460;image

[b]TIP 2 - Share your Rules in the Forum[/b]
Share your rules with other members. No way that you'll have to type your rules by hand. The rules in the report match the descriptions CFP write. This way other member can be sure that their rules were written exactly as you intended looking at each rule description.;topic=20950.0;attach=13492;image

You can attach a CFP report to your posts (please attach only txt reports) or you can paste specific rules in you posts (please enclose the pasted rules using a leading [nobbc]

[/nobbc] and a trailing [nobbc]

[/nobbc] code tag.

You can post a report snippet like this:


[Windows Updater Applications] is defined as
[0] D:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe
[1] D:\WINDOWS\system32\msiexec.exe
[2] D:\WINDOWS\system32\wuauclt.exe
[3] D:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\*
[4] D:\WINDOWS\system32\wupdmgr.exe
[5] D:\Program Files\COMODO\Firewall\cfpconfg.exe


[b]TIP 3 - Find Services Connections/Opened ports[/b]
Ever wondered what service you need to stop in order to close a specific connection? If you use Windows XP you can check "Additional Netstat Information" option.

Another way is to use the output of Process, Services and Netstat to find the services you need to check. In this case you don’t need to use the “Additional Netstat Information” option.

First you need to look at netstat ouptut to look at the PID of the connection you need to troubleshoot.
Then you need to look at the Process list to look if that PID pertains to a svchost.exe process.
If that PID pertains to a svchost.exe process then you can look at the sevice list to find what group of services share the same PID.;topic=20950.0;attach=13494;image

[b]TIP 4 - Define your Visual Styles[/b]
Starting with version 7.019 the script can also output html. You can change the visual style of the final html output saving the report as html-only and placing a stylesheet (.css) named mystyle.css in the same folder. You can find two examples in the /styles folder of the script compressed archive. If you mind please post your css in this topic to make it available to other members too.;topic=20950.0;attach=13791;image

If you wish to suggest your tip post in this topic and it will be listed here.

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gives an java script error on 1 of 16 step

Javascript? It’s not using javascript, so an error would be expected.

Got an error on step 2 of 7:

line 1699:
char 10

error: Object doesn’t support this action: ‘item’
code 0

url: file:///J:/__temp/cfpv3-config.hta

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