Comodo Firewall Pro 3 rated 5 stars on!

Congratulations for recieving 5 stars from the Editor’s of and 4/5 from users(but guess it includes votes for 2.4 too?).
Can’t say more than that I agree with them about giving it 5 stars, Comodo is the best! It has a lot of bug, yes, but else it’s an excellent piece of software.
Here’s the article for you(Melih) and all the others:

Editor’s review of Comodo Firewall Pro

Comodo Pro: For amateurs, too

Comodo Firewall Pro gets a major revision from its publisher, upgrading to Version 3 with some significant changes. Most importantly, user complaints about resource hogging when Version 2 came out have been all but eradicated with the new model.

The program still provides a smorgasbord of information and options for advanced users, but it’s simple enough for beginners, and runs smoothly and silently in the background. The most obvious new features include support for Windows Vista at the expense of Windows 2000 support, although the older v2.4 with Windows 2000 support is still available.

The other big change is the new interface. This new UI isn’t exactly an improvement on the old one. However, the blue color scheme has been toned down in favor of basic white, and there’s more empty space between the various options. Old terminology has been replaced with more intuitive terms. The new main tabs are Summary, Firewall, Defense +, and Miscellaneous. In each, though, there are links to relevant security issues so users can drill down to learn more about how the firewall is performing.

There’s a new feature called the Host Intrusion Prevention System that supposedly protects against unknown threats. Obviously, it’s hard to tell if it works unless an unknown threat gets in, but it didn’t seem to affect system performance negatively. Mostly, Comodo rears its head most often soon after installation when Security Alerts ask about new Internet connections as the program “learns” your computer’s behavior.

Don’t be fooled by the name, either. Comodo is labeled Pro but it offers up its dragon-sized treasure of features for free.

Also, you maybe should contact, as they have a picture of CFP 2.4(or maybe even 2.3?). Take a close look at it, and you’ll get another reason for them to use one of CFP 3 ;D


Thanks Ragwing

the 4/5 Stars, Doesn’t count for v2 :slight_smile:

There are 80+ Reviews so far on CFP 3 on by users, and it averages to 4/5 stars. That is very good!

and 5 Stars from the Editors!!! Cangrats!!!

Comodo Passes all leak tests for me. Ohh yeah, I know this is a bit off topic! But I was amazed to see Defense+ MALWARE Heuristics popup say “possbile malware etc etc”, and I blocked it! It an application from P2P! :slight_smile: Very impressed…


Thanks Josh

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They do this on betanews aswell too much trouble to change the picture I suppose ;D

I know you mate! ;D