COMODO Firewall Pro has been Released! [Closed]

I like Commodo, it is doing what i a telling it to do. THANK U for new release!!!
I have turn of D+

Hi All,

I would like to announce the availability of COMODO Firewall Pro

32-Bit Setup
Size: 9.08 MB (9,527,552 bytes)
SHA1: 19acec1c0703ca7dadaf00a06bb1ca71d032a4ca
MD5: 5e4407813255b0b1d4c8870ff54690b4

64-bit Setup
Size: 18.1 MB (18,990,336 bytes)
SHA1: c70b519f050fd79993e9401738b31d70583f33ec
MD5: 4f548e5908a519e1aa05d027185725d3

What’s New?

This is basicaly an update to address the issue causing Windows Updates to fail in Windows Vista operating systems

The release notes can be found at


one thing i want to add…

when we update through comodo firewall, we can download/install the patch to upgrade.

but when we go to the comodo firewall website, the full installation , 32 and 64 bits is offer, but only the upgrade patch is available.

maybe it’s something you could take care off (:WIN)(feel free to delete my post when it’s ok)

The upgrade patch was made for 3.0.13 to 3.0.14 because they were so different but 3.0.15 does not have big enough changes to require a seperate patch.

Also how did bz2 take over the thread? Last time i checked egemen was the thread starter.

Thread merge. The result is based on chronological order of the posts.

Lol :slight_smile: Egemen was too late ;D

Greetz, Red.

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