comodo firewall popup says i need to update windows security

Hello, the comodo free firewall showed a popup at lower bottom right saying i needed to update windows security and showed a link … i updated all the windows updates on this tuesday i checked the windows update and it found no new updates so im wondering if this is a bug or maybe the firewall just didnt catch all the updates yet…thanks

Can you please post a screenshot of this ‘alert’?

CIS does not alert about Windows Updates, this sounds like a Windows Security Center message.

hi, well i dont have a screenshot of it and it did popup over the comodo firewall in taskbar it also had comodo in the popup box as well …if i see it again i will save a screenshot .Thanks

I saw it too and it was from Comodo, but it was only one times.

I presume it looked like this screenshot, if yes it is a Comodo Message Center popup.


[attachment deleted by admin]

I got the exact same thing… I’ve NEVER seen Comodo tell me about a Windows update… I did not do it cuz I can’t find any info from Comodo that this is legit… Windows doesnt say anything either about working with comodo to pass along alerts… I know it was Comodo cuz my windows update msg is turned off and I saw the Comodo icon. what is it?? thanks

Comodo Message Center was letting you know about the critical Windows updates available.

It’s a service that Comodo Message Center has just started supplying.

thank you for the quick response everyone …surely appreciated :slight_smile: