Comodo Firewall Passes all Tests in Atelier Web Firewall Tester


I’d just like to share that comodo passed all outbound penetration tests of Atelier Web Firewall Tester. It tries 6 different techniques to sneak past firewalls like a trojan would. The guys at Atelier need a graphic designer cause man their programs are ugly, but they got mad coding skills so passing the test is impressive imho.

I’d also like to thank the comodo team for an awesome product! I’ve used quite a few different firewall/antivirus apps in my line of work but nothing seems to pull it together like comodo does it. Keep up the good work for the good fight guys!

comodo firewall is excellent, protect against leak;
firewall, hips, antivirus, filterweb…

i use comodo internet security for 16 years(study marketing for 16 years and update can help product popularize…);
comodo internet security is the best antilogger(CSS not compatible with windows 10 or 11);
Comodo internet security protected against spywares same installed and hide;

Hi lioant,

Thank you for reporting.
May i know exactly what happened ?
Does the CSS doesn’t start or it runs slow ?
Kindly report with the steps to reproduce so that we will check and update you.
Any screenshot would be helpful.


CSS start, but process not complete

Hi lioant,

Despite tab couldn’t close/exit, you can still use css without any issue.
We will take this to the team notice and update you.



(CSS not compatible with windows 10 or 11);

css runs wonderfully on my pc with windows 10.

yes, we use it, but these 2 items come up…

Hi lioant,

We have checked and found that CSS running compatible with win 10. (Refer the attached pic:

could you please tell us your CSS version ?


version do css 1.4.50284.159

Hi lioant,

Could you please uninstall the existing CSS and install CSS from the below link ?

Kindly check and let us know your feedback.


only with CSS installed…
windows 11 pro

to do users, try comodo firewall is excellent firewall and antilogger:

Hi liosant,

Then css is working fine with win 10.
Let me check with team regarding css with win 11.


ok, to do users, try: