Comodo Firewall Only - Version 5.12 Download

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If there is anyone who doesn’t prefer using Comodo Firewall v 6, or may have an issue running it on their computer, then you can easily download Comodo Firewall v 5.12 from CNET.[/b]

So here is the download link for Comodo Firewall v 5.12:

Thanks for your time folks!

TheGoldenDragon - Newbie Comodo Forums member.

I would like to ask people using Avast AV to provide info if they get malware alert from Avast about Win32:Dropper-LJP[Drp] in the temp folder during the installation process of CIS 5.12 downloaded from CNET (see Screenshot).
The installer has the same hashes as these given by Comodo… so it is good to know if this is false positive. I submitted this to Comodo but still no answer.

So maybe someone else can provide more info

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If the false positive is from Avast you will have to report it as a false positive to Avast to get it fixed.

I just want to check if this can be reproduced with the same installer

Using version 5.12 with Windows 8 Pro and Avast and no problems at all.

First I installed all updates from Windows Update. Then I installed Comodo Firewall 5.12. After that I installed Avast…

Don’t remember where I downloaded CF 5.12, but I think it was CNET.


You can find a copy here:

Good luck :azn: