comodo firewall not allowing network access

after installing comodo i.s, the firewall will not let my isuzu program access it’s web server.
i’ve disabled the firewall and still nothing. i’ve allowed special rules still nothing.
when i uninstall comodo, my program is able to access it’s server.
i reinstall comodo, again it’s not allowed to access it’s server. i’ve tried everything.

need suggestions.


Can you post a screenshot of the Firewall logs of around the time you let the Isuzu program connect to the server? They are under Firewall -->Common Tasks → View Firewall Events. Also make sure to make the Isuzu program trusted under Application Rules.

Do you know if Isuzu needs one or more ports open for incoming traffic?

this is the address it uses when i access the server (http://localhost:9080/tis2web)
I dont have a screen shot right now because I had to remove comodo to temporarly use the isuzu service.
I will send you a screen shot when I re-install comodo.


Keep us posted. Once I see the logs I can give a tailor made advice.

I’ve been messing around with both programs, and I noticed the the firewall dosen’t log anything when i try to access the server. I think comodo is automatically blocking it for some reason. Like i said before, with comodo installed it’s blocked. With comodo uninstalled I can access the server.
It’s wierd that the logs don’t show anything.