Comodo Firewall & Norton Security Suite 4

I just downloaded Norton Security Suit 4, and I just found out it comes with a firewall. But I already have Comodo Firewall and Defense + up and running and don’t want to delete it.

Yet Windows informs me that running two firewalls at the same time can cause conflicts with each other.

Can I safely run both, or can I turn off Norton’s Firewall?

What do you all recommend?

Well obviously I’d recommend you install Comodo Internet Security (full suite).

Why do you want to install Norton Security Suite 4?

Hi wooddevil ,
The answer to your questions is - you must not run more that one firewall.
So if you are using any 3rd party Firewall you have to disable MS Windows native Firewall in the 1st palace
Then, sure if you want to use Comodo’s Firewall - disable or not install Symantec’s one as well (no question about it).
but you can use any other Antivirus that you like (many of them are much stronger then Comodo’s AV)

a side note: I would not consider Symantec at all, though
(you can find a range of AV solutions that are much better & free)


Yep, like Avast.