Comodo Firewall/MSI Dragon Center/Chrome

I’m not sure if anyone is familiar with MSI’s Dragon Center, but I use it on my laptop for adjusting fan speed, color settings, power settings, etc.

I was completely stumped as to why it stopped working after I installed Comodo Firewall (Standalone W/Hips Enabled) until tonight; I decided to add a rule to the Firewall to allow outgoing connections and it started working again. I have no idea why it needs internet access just to run on my laptop because I see absolutely no connections associated with it when I check using TCPView. Aside from the normal programs that are initially blocked by the firewall when you install Comodo, I don’t see anything in HIPS and/or the Firewall settings where it was blocked to begin with (After a clean install of the Firewall). It works without the Firewall Enabled, but as soon as I enable the Firewall it stops working, as in it will run in the background but you can’t access the program itself until you allow an exception for it in the Firewall Section. Does anyone know why this is occurring?

Lastly, Comodo Firewall tends to block Chrome’s outgoing connections at random times, and unless you either remove it from the blocked apps list or allow outgoing connections (Setting it as a Web Browser doesn’t work, as it reverts it to a custom ruleset and it ends up in the blocked apps section again) in the Firewall Section, it will continue “blocking” and logging every connection attempt until the system becomes sluggish. I removed it from the blocked app list and nothing is being logged, but it’s only a matter of time before it appears again, thus I can’t reproduce/provide logs at the moment. Note: I’m still able to use Chrome normally when this occurs.

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If you set chrome to use the web browser ruleset, it will only allow outgoing connections that are defined in that ruleset and block all other connection attempts. It is working as intended and if you see blocks then it is because chrome is attempting outgoing connections that don’t comply with the ruleset.

Understood. Thank you for replying. Could you explain to me exactly what is being blocked here and why? So far, it’s been blocked over 3000 times since Tuesday. It’s causing Chrome to start slow and run slow after some time.

Universal Plug and Play - Wikipedia probably so you can use chromecast to cast your tab to another device, UPnP would be used to find other such devices on the local network.

Is there any way to disable this? I don’t have any use for Chromecast, but I do see the cast option when I right click and I do have UPNP enabled on the Router/Modem. Do I need to disable UPNP?

@nihil - what number version of firewall are you using?