comodo firewall leaves emule at low id ! [Resolved]

Please help me !

i dont know what to do … (:NRD)

how do i configure this firewall to emule works properly ?

thanks in advance (:KWL)

anyone ? :slight_smile:

Hi, welcome! try here.


Personally, I know zip about emule. Perhaps this FAQ will help?

Hi , in another topic you say you resolved this. Is there any need for Kail or myself to keep this going or is your issue indeed resolved? Please let us know :slight_smile:



Kail , as here… And to anyone who may read this>>>,25.0/topicseen.html

I am closing this issue as resolved.


sorry i forgot ! (:SAD)

i resolved this problem because i found later another topic in this forum with the same problem

With the standart configuration

Emule in low id


with this configuration emule normal !

i think i have good protection with this configuration !

have i ?

I can’t really make it out (images are too small). But, it looks like you’ve changed the default block rule to be allow. If so, this is not good at all. That rule blocks any unsolicited attempts to communicate with your system. Without, your system is wide open & anybody can connect with your system.

This only makes sense if you have a hardware firewall.

i have put allow in the last option (5)

i am vulnerable ?

You do i put emule to normal but blocking the last option

whow do i create this rule ?

cheers (:HUG)

As I said… I can’t make it out in your image. I’m old… my eyes are dim (but, not the mind… yet. ;D). But, I can clearly see that there should be a red cross at the bottom (the default blocking rule) & it is not there. In any event, the order of priority is rule 0 is the top rule. So, your eMule rule should go, at least, above the default blocking rule (which in your case, is absent).

i am vulnerable ?

Yes, I believe you are. Very.

You do i put emule to normal but blocking the last option

whow do i create this rule ?

The eMule rule? Sorry, I don’t know… I’ve never used eMule. You’ll need to either wait for another (who knows eMule to answer) or return to the tutorial.

But, as the last rule, you must create the following rule (the default blocking rule) otherwise you are vulnerable…

Go to the Network Monitor, select the last rule, right click & select Add Rule > Add After.

Action: Block (tick “Create an alert when this rule is fired”)
Protocol: IP
Direction: In/Out
Source IP: Any
Destination IP: Any
IP Details: Any

Then click OK. Double check that it is last rule & move it if necessary. This may, of course, break eMule if you’ve not set-up your eMule rule correctly.

I hope that helps.

Edit: I see now. You thought the eMule rule replaced the last block rule? Is that in the eMule tutorial?

my computer is with temperature problems !

i will anwer you the soon as possible and try to resolve this problem!

someone that talks portuguese ?

ALguem ?



I talk portuguese!!
Encontrei agora mesmo a solução para esse problema.
Tens de criar duas regras:

(Security > Network monitor > Add)

Rule for TCP protocol

Action = Allow
Protocol = TCP
Direction = In
Source IP = Any
Remote IP = your computer IP adress (you can also use “Any”, if you are using a modem and not a router; by this you won’t have to change the IP address every time you connect in internet )
Source port = Any
Remote port = the port your Emule uses for the TCP connections

Rule for UDP protocol

Action = Allow
Protocol = UDP
Direction = In
Source IP = Any
Remote IP = your IP adress (or “Any” )
Source port = Any
Remote port =the port your Emule uses for the UDP connections

Ao criares estas regras elas vão ficar a seguir àquela regra que tem Block. E assim continuará a não funcionar. O que tens de fazer é mover a regra Block para o fim da lista de modo a que seja aplicada so em último caso.

For those who can’t put emule working: Insert that two rules (TCP and UDP) in the rules list (network monitor > add), and put the default rule that says “Block” in the last place of the list (right click > move down).
This will make emule work perfectly.