Comodo Firewall keeps popping up this window

It happens every couple of hours. There’s a memory dump file but I can’t open it. How can I know what’s inside the memory dump file to see more details of what is causing this?

The firewall seems still to be working after these errors so im not sure what the hell that means.

Already mentioned here, Reply #61:

If you delete the dump files, it won’t ask again

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Sorry for the inconvience caused. We are coming with Hot-Fix, till that please bear with us.

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You will need debugging tools for windows then open dump with windbg and at command line enter !analyze -v

After I updated windows at nov 15. I started got CIS crash and send datas to Comod message window, but CIS still responsive so I dont understand this problem but so annoying.

Same pop up window every 30-60mins. Happened since Thursday when Win 10 did some big update.

Known issue and will be fixed soon. See post here. Of course it would be better if you sent the report by clicking send report.

Even if you choose to send it, it will pop again.
The only way I found to stop it is to manually delete the dump file

Where is the dump file? I have this problem too :o

When the popup appears, you can see a link to open the folder with the file

I click on the link and it does nothing.

Memory dumps are located in ProgramData\CisDumps directory.

There is no Cisdumps folder in there?

Sorry forgot to include comodo in the path: ProgramData\Comodo\CisDumps


Folders empty.

Good to hear a fix is on the way.

Deleting CisDumps has not helped.

I’m getting the same “Firewall has detected a crash!”

Isn’t there a way to disable this notification completely?

I’m getting constantly the same message “Firewall has detected a crash!” but the path too the log is different.
C:\windows\Temp\comodoLogFolder. (you have to change the administrators rights before you have acces)
I deleted the 2 Icedragon logs in that folder. Now it points to an empty folder. :a0

For a number of days, a popup has appeared with the message “Internet Security has detected a crash!”. If I close it, it just comes back. There was a post about it two days ago, but it seems to have been removed. Does anyone know what to do about this? I’m wary about clicking the “Send Report” button in case it’s malware.