Comodo Firewall keep all drives "in use"

I run windows 10 and i got this chronic problem i have with comodo firewall…
Every time i need to do an operation on a drive that needs to be free i have a problem to do it because it’s “in use”. And that’s because of Comodo Firewall.
Note here that i try hard to use only the “firewall” feature of Comodo firewall and i have HIPS and everything else disabled.
So without any more words if someone could explain to me what i see here.

Note here that i use a filter to display only the processes that use the D drive.(only backup files in it).
But be sure cmdagent.exe does that to every drive even if it’s completely empty.
No files are been shown on windows explorer but that doesn’t solve the problem.
Why does cmdagent feels the need to do that routine on creating and closing files on every drive even if i use it only as firewall ?
Feather more i have concerns that this might meddle on my drives sleeping or even waking them up.


This a VERY VERY OLD bug, totally ignored by Comodo. Me an others have posted about it during the years.

I don’t have any hope for a fix, anymore.

To be honest i am not sure if that’s comodo’s fault or Microsoft’s.
Because if you kill cmdagent the windows explorer takes it’s place and repeats this procedure.
In general cmdagent seems to replace explorer and perform tasks that explorer would had done instead.
So not very sure about this.
I’m pretty sure tho i can blame windows that i can’t manually put my drives to sleep and leave them there.
Not even the “offline” function would do that.

The problem seems to happen ONLY if your usb is powered on before Windows load. Then you CAN"T Eject.

USB that power on AFTER Windows load, eject fine.