Comodo Firewall issue after update to Windows 10 build 1607 release 14393.187

Last week I upgraded my Windows 10 Home to the Anniversary Update (build 1607).
I didn’t do a clean installation, I upgraded from the previous build 1511.

Yesterday I got the update to the release 14393.187 (KB3189866).
After updating and rebooting, I experienced random notifications that both Windows Firewall and Comodo Firewall were disabled.
Comodo tray icon was there but sometimes the “C” became “X” and when hovering the mouse on it, it said “Comodo Agent is not working”.
A double-click on the tray icon seemed to fix it and the Comodo UI appeared showing that everything was working.
Diagnostic didn’t show any issue, but later the problem happened again.

A further reboot seemed to have definitely fixed the issue, so now everything is working fine.

As already reported here

the only problem I’m experiencing now is a slower boot time compared with the boot time of the previous build 1511.
Searching on internet, it seems related with kernel driver not digitally signed by Microsoft, so I’ll wait for the next release of CIS (that hopefully will have the signed drivers) to check if the boot time gets faster

No problem for me KB3189866
OS Windows 10 Pro Installation clean ISO 1607 v.10.0.14393 number 14393
(No 1511 upgrade)
Starting okay CIS
OS + CIS no slowdown

I think a clean installation of Win10 AU is the best practice.
Unfortunately my PC doesn’t allow to permanently disable the Secure Boot, so I can’t make a clean installation otherwise I won’t be able to install the current release of CIS.
I’ll wait for the signed drivers…

I gave up waiting for Comodo to fix this issue and moved to Kaspersky Internet Security

CIS actually caused issues on my Laptop and I ended up having to re-install Windows 10

Been using CIS for many years and have always loved using it but they just don’t seem to bothered about fixing issues like this, I could have disabled Secure Boot but hey why should I have too

Maybe I’ll check out CIS again in a year when my Kaspersky subscription is coming to an end, hopefully they’ll have the driver sig thing sorted by then

Hi Jon79,
I haven’t personally noticed any extra boot time after the recent update for Windows 10.
Do you have any unnecessary startup processes?
Is fast startup enabled?
How to Turn On or Off Fast Startup in Windows 10-TenForums

Kind regards.

Hi captainsticks,
no, I don’t have any unnecessary startup items (only CIS, MBAE and Realtek Audio).
I don’t have fast startup enabled because I have disabled hibernation, but this is the same configuration I had before.

I think the problem is due to a combination of:

  • no clean installation of build 1607 (but upgrade from build 1511)
  • secure boot enable (as I said, I can’t disable it from UEFI/BIOS)
  • CIS drivers not signed by Microsoft

As soon as CIS is available with signed drivers I may try to make a clean installation of Win10 and see if there is any improvement in the boot time.
By the way, it’s not a big pain, my boot time changed from 20s to around 30-35s… I read someone complaining about boot time from 30s to 3 minutes :o

In general, slowdowns can be diagnosed with Windows Performance Toolkit.
example: Analyzing a Slow Boot with Windows Performance Recorder & Analyzer • Helge Klein

KB3189866 seems to be the culprit. There are numerous complaints about it.

I confirm that the issue happened only once, just after installing the update KB3189866.
A further reboot seems to solve the problem with CIS and now everything is working as expected

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Also having an issue with CIS after the win 10 64 v1511 to v1607 update. The desktop widget does not show the values in the traffic monitor. So no values to show what’s my downloading/uploading speed, they are both zero even if traffic exists (put something to download/upload in the torrent client). Even in the connections window after you press the green Secure button, under Firewall it sais No connections quickly after half of a second since the window pops up… so the little window that shows what applications are using the internet it’s saying there are no connection, but you can see them at first only for a half second and then dissapear.

I guess the v1607 must’ve broken something since I see other people having issues after this update.

EDIT: seems this isn’t an issue from CIS, I’ve installed the latest LAN driver for my device and now everything is back to normal. The old driver caused these issues after the win 10 update to v1607.

As I supposed, the slower boot time was most likely due to Comodo drivers not digitally signed by Microsoft.
I have just installed the new version of CIS ( and the boot time has come back as fast as before

Hi Jon79,
That is good to hear. :-TU