COMODO Firewall is slowing down Windows 10 (possibly reason HIPS, cmdguard.sys)

Hello, sorry for my language.

After installing COMODO Firewall ( on Windows 10 (21H1 19043.1083) I see a significant slowdown of the opening apps, folders, context menu and etc.

For example the average opening time of any folder in explorer without COMODO ~ 0.2 seconds and with COMODO ~ 0.8 seconds.
I tried tests many times, it is not an accident.

My hardware is i5-3470/16 Gb RAM, SSD. I checked Task Manager, there is no high load on CPU/RAM/Drive, also I tried to find a reason via Windows Performance Analyzer (tried to observe the same conditions, unnecessary apps were unloaded, all COMODO modules were disabled in the settings), but my skills are not enough, however if you look on the screenshot, I think the difference is obvious.

Nothing of these helps:

  1. Adding exceptions (folders/explorer.exe) in the HIPS settings
  2. Disable HIPS, Firewall and all other components in the COMODO settings
  3. Exit COMODO (GUI)
  4. Reinstall COMODO

Any of these actions solves the problem:

  1. Start Windows in safe mode
  2. Uninstall COMODO
  3. Delete/renaming file C:\Windows\System32 Drivers\cmdguard.sys (HIPS finally stop working completely)

So I suspect that the problem is in HIPS, but why disabling HIPS in the settings does’t help? There should be a solution without disabling HIPS, dear developers, please find check

They have removed the option in the GUI to completely disable HIPS.
In the past in older CIS versions one could select an option to deactivate (disable) HIPS permanently (which required a system restart).
I’m not sure why this option is not available anymore in current CIS. It would be a useful option for people who only need pure Firewall functionality.

You need to actually provide the generated .etl file so they can investigate.

Thanks to everyone for the answers. I want to apologize, I hurried to create a topic, the problem disappeared after reinstalling the system.

Before that, I deleted many programs and drivers, checked the system through sfc/scannow. The situation has not changed: with COMODO the responsiveness of the system was noticeably falling and normalized only after removing it and rebooting.

Next, I reinstalled the same version of Windows (+updates) and COMODO Firewall, installed about 90% of old programs and drivers, tried to recreate the same settings, periodically rebooted the PC and checked the problem, but it disappeared :slight_smile:

Sorry that I did not provide logs. I’m going to watch the performance. Moderators, can you please move the topic to a more appropriate category or remove if you consider that it’s useless