Comodo firewall is not integrate in comodo launch pad.

I have install first comodo antivirus in my computer and so I install comodo antivirus but
comodo firewall is not integrate in comodo launch pad.

(Spanish) Primero instalé comodo firewall y luego comodo antivirus pero Comodo Firewall no aparece integrado en comodo launch pad.


Adolfo Marcano

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The Comodo Personal Firewall has been removed from the Comodo Launch Pad program, the next application to be removed will be the Antivirus. So what you are experiencing is normal.

So Justin, since CPF is removed, CAV is going to be removed, that leaves us with just “launchpad”? :o :smiley:

To touch on what Justin said, many “VOTED” out Launch pad and found it a hinderance. The strange thing is, now I see more and more who wish it was integrated, lol. Oh well, life is funny that way. :wink: