comodo firewall is being initialized?

Good morning (:WAV) I just noticed that when hovering over the firewall icon I get comodo firewall is being initialized instead of the usual evrything is up and running or whatever. Is this a problem. I usually hibernate rather than shut down my up to date xp home computer if that means anything…It is the latest version and only one copy on the comp. It was updated with the updater not manually. it used to say the up and running thing right after the update. I see the traffic in the icon ans all looks ok when I open it up–protection exellent,and everything on.


A simple way to verify if you’re protected or not is to perform some online port scans, such from pcflank or shields up.

I would rather just see the everything is up and running in in the tray than have to run a check. I just turned it off and on again and it now says what it should. Might be a little prob with comodo and waking up from hibernate–don’t know–maybe a bug or maybe just my computer. Anyway it is working right now . I will have to check it when I wake from hibernate from now on since everything looks like it is working till you hover over the icon. Thanks for getting back so quick…

I think I’ve seen others posted the same problem. But I agree with you in that I would rather see an accurate pop-up notification. I know the feeling. I feel like hibernating myself because it’s cold where I’m located :slight_smile:

Some other users have reported issues centered around the use of the “hibernate” feature of Windows. The use of Comodo Launch Pad seems to be tied in with it. Rockstar, do you have Launch Pad on your system (this is from an older version of the firewall or other Comodo products…)?

soyabeaner, just how cold is it…?