Comodo Firewall Is Being Initialized? [Resolved]

Hello: I was having trouble with my dsl not holding on the modem, so I switched to Dial up for a half hour and everything seemed to work just fine.
But the whole time the Comodo Firewall stated it was initializing? Is this normal and was I protected while it is stating this? Thanks PS: I just went back on my wireless connection and it is still stating that it is “initializing”, just thought I would come back and add this to the post

I have that problem after a reboot every now and then. I simply right-click on the Comodo icon in the system tray and adjust the security level to “Custom” (where it was) and the XP Tool Tip says everything is running fine instead of initializing. I’m sure Comodo was just fine and only the Tool Tip message didn’t get set right after starting.

But then, what do I know?


Clyde: Thank you, it worked like a charm

I think Clyde is right. This is just a cosmetic bug. I’ve read somewhere that the next version will fix something like this.

Yeah, that would be good. I was just concerned when I saw Initializing, that it was not protecting the pc. but I believe it was!

Just remember, the systray icon only refers to the user interface, not the actual firewall engine. The engine loads/runs from boot, so it’s working at a deeper level than the GUI. Not to worry.

If you’re concerned, you can go to start/run, type in “devmgmt.msc” to open the device manager. Go to View/Show Hidden Devices. Look in the section for Non Plug N Play Drivers. Find Comodo Application Engine and Comodo Network Engine. If they’re showing to be functioning fine (no red “x” or yellow “!”) then you know you’re good to go.


LittleMac, I checked it out in device manager, looks good, Thanks

Thank's Little Mac
                            I followed your advice for checking that Comodo was functioning and every thing is going good


No problem, Terry. Glad that helped.


Same problem, i put in config:
(Block all outgoing connection while booting)
and now all system are up and running, when i start my pc…


This works, THX Clyde :BNC