Comodo Firewall Internet Issue

I just installed the latest Comodo Firewall on Vista 64 and my internet through web browser is VERY VERY slow. It went from instant load to at least 10 seconds on any webpage(even I use firefox 3.0.5 and my antivirus program is Avira. Without Comodo firewall, agian, is instant. I don’t have any other firewall aswell. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks

Does the same thing happen when using another browser like Opera or Internet Explorer? There have been reported some issues with FF. Try a search for that.

I got IE 8 beta 2, and that goes very slow as well, also I tried Google Chrome with same result. I did aswell disable the Avira Webgaurd to see if it was conflicting and that too didn’t help.

Are you using 2 Antivirus (Avira + CIS) at the same time?

I installed only Comodo Firewall from the installation. Not the malware detection or anything else. I use Avira for antivirus. I might just install Avira Suite that includes firewall cause of this issue.

Are you sure you installed the 64 bits version and not the 32 bits version?

Yes, I’m sure it was the 64 bit. Anyway I’m using Avira firewall which is working great with no slow down. In the future I might try comodo again on a fresh install. How does Comodo AV detection compare to the top named brands? detection rate, false positives etc…? I can’t find a decent review about it. Also I would like to add is that the UI is very nice, clean, simple, easy, good job dev’s on that.