Comodo Firewall interferes with a program, even when exited

Hello, I have a program that doesn’t work properly when Comodo Firewall is installed. I have tried disabling the Firewall and Defense+, exiting the tray icon, and even removing it from startup programs followed by a reboot, but my program doesn’t work properly.

Only after uninstallation does it work. Any ideas?

What program is giving the problems here? How did you disable D+?

Is the mentioned program in My Pending Files? Then it got sandboxed (assuming you are using v4 in default settings). Select it and move it to My Own Safe Files and reboot the computer.

Also read Mouse1’s Sandbox FAQ (see my signature) and How to remove individual applications/files from the sandbox? and see if that brings any help.

Exiting the tray icon will only disable the client application. Cmdagent still does the work underneath the surface. Disabling D+ from the systray does not fully disable D+.
To fully disable D+ go to Defense + → Advanced → Defense + Settings and enable “Deactivate Defense+ permanently(Requires a system restart)”.

Well I opened task manager and exited everything that’s got to do with Comodo.

Anyway I’ll give it another try.