Comodo Firewall interferes with a lot of my games and activities

This is too much.

So Comodo Firewall never asks me but simply chucks a game that I installed into some new folder that it created called VTRoot, and now, my game cannot run and even when I click on the Uninstall icon inside the game, inside VTRoot, the game does NOT uninstall fully.

Earlier, I was wondering where the hell the game went, I thought it was supposed to be inside Program Files!

Look, your Firewall is really excessive, and I don’t know how to tone it way down short of uninstalling it as it increasingly looks like junk to me and gives me A LOT of TROUBLE.

Let me tell you guys something, if the NSA or someone with the resources of the NSA wants to hack into your computer they can do so AT WILL…so really, what are you achieving by making such an aggressive Firewall? I keep on shaking my head, as Comodo goes from bad to worse.

At least last time, it wouldn’t do such things as override my game installation, shut me out of it without telling me anything, and dump my game there until it cannot be removed properly.

This is too much! >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

How would you go about removing the game now??? I clicked on Uninstall icon and it supposedly removed the game, but I see most of the files and folders of the game still there, and now, the Uninstall icon is gone even.

ALL THIS TROUBLE is caused by your Comodo Firewall! ■■■■ it…!

:-TD :-TD :-TD :-TD

Reset the sandbox if you want to remove all files in VTRoot. VTRoot is the folder where the sandbox saves data for fully virtualized applications.

And how do I reset the Sandbox? There is NO button that says “Reset Sandbox” so I really don’t know what you mean.

yes there is.